Playlist 6/13/2017

What a great week for music! Song of the week goes to Chon for “Nayhoo (feat. Masego & Lophile),” but a huge shout out to Bilmuri, nowHere, and FutureCastle for some sick new music as well. Chon’s newest effort Homey comes out tomorrow (6/16), and it’s definitely going to be a sick and diverse album, as seen through their newest single. The new quarter starts next week, but TCS won’t be going anywhere, so continue to tune in Tuesday nights 6-8pm. Also, I’ll be starting up a Myspace this week (blast from the past), so be on the lookout for that. See you all next week!

For your convenience, you can now click on “Complete Color Spectrum Playlist” to the left to see every song ever played on The Color Spectrum.  Now you can play the music again after that day’s show is dead and gone! The link will bring you to a Spotify playlist, so you can follow the playlist and get notified when new music is put on it! Enjoy!

  • Red – ***Bilmuri – Shoe – Frame
  • Orange – Ace Enders and a Million Different People – Take the Money and Run – When I Hit the Ground
  • Yellow – ***Waker – Pike – Pike
  • Green – ***nowHere – It’s About Time – Your Love Is A Cold, Cold Bath
  • Blue – TTNG – Consoling Ghosts – Disappointment Island
  • Indigo – ***Chon – Nayhoo (feat. Masego & Lophile) – Homey
  • Violet – ***FutureCastle – If You Leave Me Now (Chicago Cover) – FutureCastle EP
  • White – ***Pet Symmetry – Blue Bottle – Vision
  • Black – ***’68 – No Apologies – Two Parts Viper
  • Red – Sianvar – Coordinate Love – Stay Lost
  • Orange – Cinematic Sunrise – The Wordless – A Coloring Storybook and Long-Playing Record [EP]
  • Yellow – Pretty & Nice – Piranha – Get Young
  • Green – ***Sledding With Tigers – The Kids Will Be Alright, Eventually – Kenny Jeans (Old Songs That I Wrote)
  • Blue – American Football – I’ve Been So Lost for So Long – American Football (LP2)
  • Indigo – ***Kurt Travis – No Apologies feat. Strawberry Girls – No Apologies feat. Strawberry Girls
  • Violet – As Tall As Lions – Stab City – As Tall As Lions
  • White – ***Eidola – Loti – To Speak, To Listen
  • Black – I The Mighty – Ivy – Satori
  • Red – Picturesque – Speak Softly – Monstrous Things
  • Orange – bong mountain – Why You so Short? – You’re Doin’ Great! (For the Record)
  • Yellow – Northern Faces – You Not Me – Southern Places

***New Releases


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