Playlist 6/20/2017

Hey Everyone! Thanks for tuning in on this very awesome week at KUCI. The song of the week is “Time” by Bilmuri. I’ve had this album on repeat since it came out, and you should too (for when you’re feeling particularly emotional). I also have some very big news. The Comeback. Has. Begun. Follow me on MYSPACE and help me make it a thing again! Honestly I’m still trying to figure out how to use it, but you’re going to want to be on the right side of this when Myspace is back on top. First person to follow me makes my Top 8. See you all next week!

For your convenience, you can now click on “Complete Color Spectrum Playlist” to the left to see every song ever played on The Color Spectrum.  Now you can play the music again after that day’s show is dead and gone! The link will bring you to a Spotify playlist, so you can follow the playlist and get notified when new music is put on it! Enjoy!

  • Green – Toh Kay – Watch It Crash – Streetlight Lullabies
  • Blue – Caspian – Rioseco – Dust And Disquiet
  • Indigo – ***Hidden Hospitals – Better Off – Better Off
  • Violet – Maps & Atlases – Solid Ground – Perch Patchwork
  • White – ***City of the Sun – Young Folks – Young Folks
  • Black – ***Hands Like Houses – Drift – Drift
  • Red – ***Bilmuri – Time – Frame
  • Orange – Dear Boy – Funeral Waves – Dear Boy EP
  • Yellow – ***Moon Ensemble – Natsu – Natsu
  • Green – Alcoa – 13 years bad luck – Parlour Tricks
  • Blue – OWEL – Be Quiet – Dear Me
  • Indigo – ***Chon – Here and There – Homey
  • Violet – ***Hikes – Granddad – Lilt
  • White – From Indian Lakes – Our Father Is Missing – The Man With Wooden Legs
  • Black – ***Picturesque – New Face – New Face
  • Red – Everyone Leaves – Better Love – The Lonely End
  • Orange – Tommy Boys – Estate Sale – Tommy Boys
  • Yellow – Jinja Safari – Find My Way – Crescent Sun
  • Green – ***Choir Vandals – Head in the Oven – Head in the Oven
  • Blue – Big Scary – Breathe Underwater – Animal
  • Indigo – Sarah Longfield – The Salient Voyage – Collapse // Expand

***New Releases


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